About Us


The moving industry is not for the faint of heart, but our customers make it worthwhile. We realize that people call moving companies because they need to and not necessarily because they want to. We get it, and that’s why we go the extra mile to help you feel that hiring us is the right decision. You invite us into your home, and we have a responsibility to provide the type of service that won’t cause you to regret choosing us to move you. We remember our customers because we take the time to really listen to your needs. Our customers remember us because we care.


Don't call a moving company and ask if they are legal, insured, and/or bonded. What do you expect them to say? No?

It's also not a good thing to believe everything you read in reviews - good or bad. The state of Georgia has put many measures in place to help you to make the best, most informed decision about which company you should hire to move your home or office.

Illegal movers are always less expensive than legal movers, and not everyone can afford to hire licensed, professional movers. However, please understand the risks involved with using illegal movers. As shown in our interview with FOX 5 News, basing your decision solely on price could put you in the worst possible situation.



Watch as the FOX 5 I-Team clears up the confusion between our company and the rogue moving company, Flat Rate Movers. Unfortunately, it has been a long road back from the damage caused by the illegal moving company, but Atlanta Flat Rate Movers LLC is here to stay!

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