Commonly Asked Questions By Our Customers

What exactly do you mean by "flat rate"?

Whether you choose a block-of-time or flat-rate package, our prices include certain fees that other companies may add at the end of the move. We include these charges in your package price to allow you to better predict your total expense. The specifics of these packages can be found on the "Moving Services" page.


Are you licensed and insured?

Our business license, 00073466, is on file with the City of Marietta. We have been granted authority to perform household, commercial, intra-, and interstate moves by the Georgia Department of Public Safety (GDPS) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). To obtain this authorization, a moving company must have the proper licenses and insurance as required by the state of Georgia.


How is my deposit used?

Your deposit is used to hold your position on our calendar at the rate you were quoted. Companies that do not require a deposit are under no obligation to show up to your home on moving day. This means that your plans to move on a particular day may be interrupted by a company's ability to replace your move with a more profitable one.


Is my deposit refundable?

No. Once you have taken a position on our calendar, all other potential customers for that slot will be turned away. Your deposit entitles you to reschedule once free of charge, and each additional reschedule is $25. Rescheduling requires 24-hour notice or your deposit will be forfeited.


What happens if my move doesn't take as long as the package I've booked for?

The package you book for is your minimum. Ex., if you book a 5 hour block-of-time, and your move only takes 4 hours to complete, you will still be charged the price of the 5 hour package.


What are my payment options?

Your deposit and balance can only be paid with a credit or debit card. We do not accept cash or personal checks. Your deposit must be paid before you can reserve a position on our calendar.


Do you offer a military discount?

We appreciate our soldiers and to show it we offer a 5% discount off the base price of a 3 hour package or larger. A valid military ID is required.


How are claims processed?

The Customer Service Pamphlet you receive from us prior to your move explains in detail your obligations, as well as ours, where claims are concerned. Refer to Page 3, Part 3 titled "After the Move" for more information. Claims must be submitted to us in writing using our claim form and, once a claim has been submitted, we have 90 days to respond. No portion of the final bill will be refunded to you unless there was a mistake in the calculation. Any damage incurred during your move needs to be documented on the bill of lading immediately upon completion of the move, and you must call the office to request a claim form within 24 hours of the move.


Do your movers move quickly?

Our movers are trained to move efficiently, not quickly. What this means to you is that your service will be provided to you at a pace that insures the least likelihood of damage to your home and belongings. We don't speed up the clock to save you money, and we don't slow down the clock to cost you money.